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stallions shiloh

willowbank stallion shiloh


Shiloh (Willowbanks Legacy)

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Born 2nd May 2009

Sire - Danney's Legacy

Dam - Red's Sopisticated Lady S

Colour - Buttermilk Buckskin

Shiloh is our imported stallion who arrived in 2011 as a young unbroken two year old.  When he arrived he was taken to Equibreed and taught to use the phantom and semen was collected.  That breeding season on Willowbank he sucessfully breed two mares and then he was broken in and riden.  Shiloh rides out well on the trail and is very well mannered for a stallion that does not get everyday riding. He performs well in the breeding season and is very easy to handle around mares.

stallions oregon

willowbank stallion oregon



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Born 2nd December 2011

Sire - Ozark

Dam - Lady Ann

Colour - Sorrel Roan

Oregon is maturing into an amazing stallion with smooth gaits and an honest temperament.  He was ridden extensively this summer by Charles and never put a foot wrong.  Oregon was successful with one outside breeding last season and we are excited about having him standing at stud this year.  He is a very solid, short coupled stallion with loads of strength.


willowbank stallion ozark


Ozark (sadly passed away) Sunrise Golden Dusty C

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Born 2nd August 1998

Sire - Southern Sunrise

Dam - Dusty's Osage Lady

Colour - Golden Palomino


Foxtrotter Stallion October 2015


Doc Of The Bay

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"Doc" is kindly on loan from Ian and Carolyn Brickell from Te Wae Wae (tewaewaesporthorse.wix.com).  Willowbank is lucky to be able to breed from this lovely stallion who has proven foundation Foxtrotter breeding. Doc is introducing new genetics to Willowbank's breeding programme and is producing some exciting foals.  Not available for outside mares.  


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