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Born 13th November 2005

Sire - Ozark

Dam - Cocoa

Colour - Cremello

Colorado known as "Pinky" is an all round fabulous Gelding.  Not only can we put the Grandchildren on him but an experienced rider gets a great ride. Pinky is also used to train yearlings, leading them out on the trail and generaly showing them good manners.  He loves to trek and has done many exciting adventures round the North Island.  He is our very special blue eyed blonde.

geldings wisconsin

willowbank geldings wisconsin


Wisconsin (3/4 Breed)

Born 28th December 2010

Sire - Ozark

Dam - Louisiana

Colour - Smokey Black

Wisconsin known as "Whisky" is a great example of a crossbreed gaited horse. He is incredibly smooth in his foxtrot gaits and has a lovely quiet temperament. Whisky has been used from an early age to train and lead other young horses out on the trail and is a very valued and special horse on Willowbank.







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