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Cross with a Fox Trotter

Why would you want to cross a non fox trotting mare with our Stallion “Willowbank’s Legacy” or "Oregon" and will the progeny foxtrot?

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We certainly can not be sure that a crossbreed will foxtrot though many of them do. From our experience about 50% of crossbreeds foxtrot.

What is much more important is that they all have a big walk. Personally I hate a horse with a pokey walk. The reality is that when trail riding most of the time you are walking so why not ride a horse with a fast animated walk that really covers the ground and feels great.

They will all have much smoother trots even if they do not foxtrot. The reason for this is that fox trotters do not lift there feet high off the ground but slide them close to the ground. This lack of elevation is what causes the smoothness.

For the same reason they all have very smooth canters or lopes in the western jargon we prefer.

Of course nothing can compare with a purebreed, check out our "Horses for sale".


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